January 29, 2023

Finding my editing style

Business, Editing

From the days of Instagram editing...

Remember the early Instagram days of doing vibrant edits with vignette on blurry cell phone or iPod photos? I grew up with this type of editing and while fun, it is not something I would ever expect to hang on somebody's wall or be their profile picture.


I've always been crafty and enjoyed creating things, but mostly with my hands like crocheting or quilting. Photography has been my solo foray into the visual arts and while it has felt like a long time coming, that doesn't stop me from looking to more established photographers with complex and beautiful portfolios and thinking that if they're successful with their editing style, I could be too. The thing is... super warm photos with muted colors don't really fit my vibe and that was a lot of what I was seeing from the people I was following. Moody is definitely gorgeous and something that is perfect for some photographers, but if I don't resonate with it as a viewer, I am probably not going to enjoy editing 500 photos in that specific style.

Bright, Light, True to Color

As I am exploring my style as an editor, I'm finding that what I AM drawn to is bright colors, light and airy scenery and backgrounds, but a generally true to color image. Sometimes the background happens to be dead grass and bare trees, but I still do enjoy making the subject stand out and be bright as the focus! I think one of the reasons I prefer this style is based on my experience working at Walt Disney World and appreciating how vividly the colors stand out in my memories of those experiences. That's what I want my images to feel like- like a day at Disney even if we were just taking pictures at Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester, MN.